…the Journey Continues

After about a 10 month blogging hiatus, I have decided that I need/want to get back into regular updates of the blog.  I received a pretty inspirational email today from an undergraduate student who said he hopes that he can have the opportunities that I have had.  He was a passionate, excited, bold young guy who reminded me of myself when I used to roam the internet looking for people who I thought would be awesome to email.  I wrote back to him as I try to do for everyone that sends me a note.  I have fond memories of how excited I would be as a teenager when I received even the smallest reply back from a CEO and how energized I got from that.  I do not at all mean that I am at that level or that anybody would be really excited to receive an email from me at this point, but I consider it good practice to respond to everyone who took the time to write to me and I hope I will always continue to do that no matter how busy I get into the future.

Now back to the blog that I have terribly ignored for the past year.  Well, a lot has happened.  I have had more amazing travels since South Africa, leading a Stanford GSB study trip to India as well as going to Vietnam and China with a classmate.  I worked a lot on startup ideas over the last few quarters and really tried to work on my interpersonal and leadership skills.  Finally, I officially graduated from the GSB, even though I am still living on campus and working out of the Center for Entrepreneurial studies.

I have been working on three startup ventures with some incredibly people since graduation and see no sign of slowing down anytime soon.  It is definitely a tradeoff not being able to hangout with good friends all the time, but I am learning an incredible amount in the startup realm in the mean time.  More updates to come…



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2 responses to “…the Journey Continues

  1. Great idea. To mail people from whom you draw inspiration. I am also a founder of a college startup, which focusses on design-in-learning. Your journey seems really exciting, I’ll definitely poke you if you don’t blog regularly.

    +I’d like to know more about what you are doing.
    Warm Wishes for your ventures.

    Aakanksha Gaur


    Hi I would like to get in touch with you people because I turn to venture capital activities. I am currently working as Presales engineer and Project Manager. Iread a lot of books about venture capital en private equity and intend to pass the CFA exam in the future.
    I hope to hear from you very soon


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