Rugby and Wardancing!

Yesterday, I feel like I had the quintessential South African experience.  The day began with watching the Rugby game between South Africa and their arch-rival, the New Zealand ‘All Blacks.’  I did, indeed cheer for SA’s Springboks (a nimble, quick animal similar to a deer, I gather) even though they were absolutely torn apart by New Zealand.  I was also a little surprised by how “into the game” I became.  There were a lot of really exciting plays, huge hits, and amazing displays of athleticism.  It reminded me of American Football with an excess amount of laterrolls (which I love- I don’t think NFL teams take enough risk with plays like that).  While my South African friends would probably disown me if I said it, I did gain a lot of respect for the New Zealand team while watching the game.  New Zealand began the game (as apparently they do every game) with a traditional war dance called a Haka.  Some people said it was meant as intimidation to the other team and I am not sure about that, but I am positive that having the entire team engage in such a high energy activity such as that really unifies the group.  They feel like they are all together in this battle and they are in war-preparation together.  Regardless of how it looks, the benefits are what it does to the team performing it.

NZ 'All Blacks' Performing the Haka


As a captain of our Ultimate Frisbee team in college, we would always start with a motivational chant, huddle, cheer etc and it did get us motivated and unify us.  Is it possible to bring this energy and motivation to a professional setting?  Can a company have a Haka?  How about a VC firm?  I can’t really imagine my company starting every morning off with a traditional war dance before sitting down at our desks to have a conference call with investment partners- but there must be more subtle ways to unify the team just like the “All Blacks” haka.  What will I do with my team when I have my company?  One large healthcare corporation Da Vita, is known for having all-company “pump-up” sessions where people scream and shout about their company, but there are many people that simply will not buy into this sort of ritual.

What will be my haka?



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2 responses to “Rugby and Wardancing!

  1. GSB2011

    Hello Evan,
    Thanks for your postings. I’m applying this year for Stanford and I’m pursuing a place in VC too.

    keep bloging.. see you.


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